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What do my brother, my best friend and I have in common? We needed a reprieve. Well, I needed to get out of dodge (Dodge?), wherever the Hell that is. For me, it’s Manhattan.

Justine and Rich, well, let’s just say they needed a break.

Justine lives in Brooklyn (it’s a personal choice we’re all working hard to try and forgive) so we really should have seen this sort of thing coming earlier, but Rich was a real shot out of left field. I mean, it’s not like this is the thousandth time he’s inconvenienced his one and only brother who has stuck by him through every single one of his shit storms. Nope, not like that at all.

Anyway, seeing as I’ve got a reason and they’ve got an excuse, I figured it was time to return home and start picking some scabs. I mean, I’ve got the time. That, and oh, SOME FOTHER MUCKER LEFT SOME REAL IGNORANT SHIT IN MY HOME LAST NIGHT. For more on that, click here. That link is where you want to start. Until then, enjoy The Inquiry.



My name’s Frank (you can find out more about me here) and I’m in the process of taking care of my family’s estate. Estate as in their whole lives, not a sprawling mansion hugging a cliff in Maine. Well, I guess it’s both.

Stay tuned for your favorite idiot savant disclosing all the gruesome details of a semi-abandoned mansion. I’m expecting a lot of dead pigeons and you should too.


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